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Waking Reality splices suspense and fairy tales into a spine-tingling memoir that is equal-part family saga, psychotherapy, and jigsaw puzzle. It stumbles down the dark alleys of America and into the invisible lives of the homeless while rummaging through the lonely streets of rejection and into the raw trap of abuse and addiction. Constantly transforming, it travels inside a living breed called family and the ties that bind them, leaving readers spellbound and speechless.


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“In a world where the WHO recently reported that 1 in 3 Women worldwide are victims of violence….I hope this book is a crucial opening for other women to tell their personal stories on the devastating emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual impact of Interpersonal Violence on their and their children’s lives. This visceral, harrowing, and haunting tale, bears witness to the often inescapable ‘violence trap’ set by families, religion, the justice system, and social constructs that women fall (or are pushed) into. And which is often followed by the devastating emotional trap of internalizing that violence. The author, with raw, emotional honesty holds little back and allows us to live through the terror, horror and devastation of her personal experience. Throughout, and against all odds, it is that same honesty of self and spirit that burns beneath the surface, is unbelievably never extinguished, and carries her to salvation. The voice is unique, personal, and empowering. You will not be the same. Read to understand what the women in your life (your sisters, friends, mothers) experience, and for inspiration to survive your own trials. Then speak your own story. This voice should be joined in chorus. This voice will ring in your ears for years to come.”

Jen Hutchinson
Co-Creator of Living Your Gifts