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Waking Reality
by Donna LeClair

In 1963, the ‘State of Ohio vs. Bill Bush’ murder trial turned the lives of an ingenuous family into nightmarish chaos after a police sergeant viciously murders three members. ‘Waking Reality’ divulges the astonishing way authorities forced protective custody, the distressing repercussions, and startling revelations. Spanning fifty years, the author cinematically splices realism and fairy-tales into a spine-tingling memoir that is equal part family saga, psychotherapy, and documentary.

For author Donna Le Clair, reality are stories carried from generation to generation, but perception can transform when truth is awakened and freed. She penned her story – her reality – as she wept cradled under a bed, but as she listened to the stories of others and acknowledged their visibility, she saw shoulders soften, sighs release and wings soar … and herself, heal.

Waking Reality is a story of life—at its best and worse. A journey possessing strength emanating from a higher source encompassing determination, belief, forgiveness, and the courage to shed ones childhood and adapt to the realities of the world. As Dinesh H Shah, Team-2 Leader of Landmark TMLP in Mumbai India,says, “One thinks they live life by forces one can control, but ultimately, reality is governed by a power many might not have any control, especially the innocent children. It is time for everyone to wake-up to reality and face it with divine power, for self and for the people around the world.”

Her memoirs stumble down the dark alleys of America and into the invisible lives of the homeless. It rummages through the lonely streets of rejection and into the raw trap of abuse and addiction. Constantly transforming, it travels inside a living breed called family and the ties that bind them, leaving readers spellbound and speechless.

Waking Reality does not lecture, preach or advice – it simply shows visibility while altering stories awakened by the telling of her own. It is about hope and belief, but more importantly, it is about love. Forgiveness is learned and lives understood as this dark tale unravels awareness, enlightenment, and eventual salvation. Delivered is thankfulness for faith, family, and oneself as you learn to take the happilies while gifted. Every single one of them. Every single time.


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